Hybrid Delivery Room (HDR)

Food WorX Distribution Centre & Ware House

FooDWorX will offer the Large, Medium & Small processed food company an opportunity to reach out whole of Indian market in every state and every corner of the country

Physical Warehousing & Distribution Centre

Physical Warehousing & Distribution Centre will give the food production and marketing company to place their product in these ware house at no or fractional cost . FooDWorX will give service of

  • Ensuring Opening Stock at every distribution network
  • Holding minimum stock and ensure all orders will be fulfilled
  • Ensure for Established Food Producers (EFP) who has opted for J2C ( Just in time service ) ensure FooDWorX Hybrid Delivery Centre (FHDC) are properly stocked. Stock level are planned appropriately
  • Once the order is placed with DC, the same is delivered to B2B client and to FooDWorX Hybrid Dark Delivery Centre (FHDC)
  • All the Distribution centre are enabled with World Class Enterprise Software to manage inventory and logistics using customised Microsoft Dynamics 365

Hybrid Dark Warehouse & Distributions Centres (HDC)

Hybrid Dark Warehouse & Distributions Centres (HDC) is one services offered by the FooDWorX Platform, which allows the bigger Food Producer with their own Marketing & Sales team be strengthened with

  • Fully developed and deployed Online Ecommerce Presence with capability to take order under their own brand and web presence
  • Supported to store and keep their inventory in these HDC’s with promise to deliver in 30 Mins to 3 Hrs time period using our Hybrid Dark Distribution Centres set up all across the Major Metros.